Frequently Asked Questions – Jacksonville, FL

Learn More About Our Seminars

You have a lot of choices when it comes to CE, and we know that Advanced Dental Seminars offers a unique combination of quality and variety. If you have questions about our program, just read the page below to get answers to some basic questions. If there is anything else you would like to ask before signing up, you are always welcome to contact our team.

Who will be the speakers at the seminars?

You can find a full list of speakers as well as the subjects they will cover here. As you’ll see, we bring in some of the best-known presenters who are considered industry leaders in their chosen fields, whether it’s dentistry, marketing, or leadership.

Where can I register for the seminars?

You can register right now through our website by visiting this page.

Can I record any of the talks?

We kindly ask that you do not try to record any of the talks. Each of our presenters hands out plenty of reference materials and guides so that you’ll easily be able to go back over the points they make during their presentations.

When I sign up for the seminars, do I automatically sign up for the golf tournament?

Yes, however, you can choose to attend the seminars and not participate in the golf tournament. The tournament is open to both amateurs as well as frequent players, so even if it would be your first time, we highly recommend taking part so you can spend some quality time with your fellow attendees. Discounts are not available if you do not participate in the tournament.

Are meals included in the price?

Yes, the venue that will be hosting the seminars serves food, so part of your fee does go toward your meals.