Program – Jacksonville, FL

Featured Speaker

Eric DeVriese, CPA:
Make Your Numbers
Work For You

Eric DeVriese is the founder of RealTime CPAs and the man who recognized a shift coming to the accounting industry. He has over 20 years of experience in tax and accounting technology and spent 11 years in public accounting. Eric most enjoyed working at PricewaterhouseCoopers on their National team where he created and rolled out new technology. Later working with Deloitte for several years and then in the tax department with DaimlerChrysler’s North American Head Quarters, he decided to build a different kind of CPA firm.

In 2008, Eric opened DEVRIESE & ASSOCIATES, a full-service CPA firm based on the coast in Northern Florida, and he has been building something different ever since. It has taken years of effort, knowledge, success, and failure to finally bring life to RealTime CPAs. His goal is to empower dentists to master the latest accounting and business strategies so that their balance sheets are just as healthy as their patients. To date, he has helped dentists save a minimum of $5,000 a year while increasing revenue and enjoying peace of mind in their practices.

What You Will Learn From Eric

  • How to Get Clean & Accurate Data: As a dentist, you’re all about taking care of people, but as a business owner, the numbers matter. The foundation of all strategic dental planning lies in the data of your practice. Eric will show you how to use the latest software to gather, organize, and easily parse your practices’ numbers, allowing you to invoice your patients, receive payment, sign checks, and figure out where your money is going every month 100% online from anywhere on any device.
  • Strategic Planning & Goal Setting: Using Eric’s back office process, he will show you how to identify, monitor, and reach your financial goals on an ongoing basis. He’ll help you come up with concrete answers for big questions like, "How can I double my revenue?", "What is the best way to grow my practice?", "Do I have enough cash flow?", and "How can I increase value before a sale?"
  • How to Create a Paperless Back Office: In addition to having better accounting, more data, and more control of your business, Eric will also show how you can convert your back office into a completely paperless one, freeing up space while speeding up your team’s everyday tasks so your practice runs faster and more efficiently.